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Tele-physiotherapy Visits

What to expect from a telehealth physiotherapy visit.

Telehealth visits use a videoconferencing program  to deliver the physiotherapy program on line and at distance.  We use a secure, encrypted videoconferencing platform to assess and treat your injury.  For example, as part of the assessment, we will observe you on our screen performing some movement to assess your range of motion and that, among other tests, will enable us to determine what treatment will be helpful for your injury.  Treatment includes prescription and demonstration of exercises, feedback on how you are doing the exercises, counselling about treatment that you can do at home and education about the stages of healing of your condition.  Helping with motivation, providing instantaneous feedback and giving tools for self management are benefits to this type of a program.


Even if you are not able to attend physiotherapy in person, we believe that consistency of physiotherapy support, supervised progression of exercises and activation is helpful to keep our clients moving well and feeling well.


What components do I need on my computer / phone or device?

  • Camera on your device allows you to use videoconferencing platform
  • Chrome or Firefox Browsers work best for the platform.  There is no video option if you use Safari as a browser.
  • You will receive an email for Jane Video Chat.  You will have to consent to the videoconferencing platform and then the videoconnection should happen  seamslessly.
  • Use of earphones improves the sound quality of the video call.